From Xs and Os to Ones and Zeros. The Digital Playbook® App for the iPad® is the premiere application for transitioning print-based playbooks to a digital medium. Specifically designed for professional sports teams in the NFL and other professional sports leagues, our custom App helps teams compete at a higher level.

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Pictured above (L to R): Digital Playbook's Whiteboard and Playing Field™ and the App's Playbook Reader and Annotator.

The DigitalPlaybook® App for the iPad®

The Digital Playbook App ScreenshotPictured above: Digital Playbook's Login Panel and Locker Room™ where teams store playbooks and weekly game plans.

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Sports teams can eliminate wasteful printing and paper costs by 80%. It is estimated that the typical NFL team uses 5000 pages each week on printed gameplans. The Digital Playbook® App encapsulates a team's daily operations in one location, literally at the fingertips of players and coaches.


Secure, fast and fluid, the Digital Playbook® App for the iPad® allows players and coaches to study and share playbooks, photos, events and videos. Access team files remotely from a Cloud-based server, manage user permissions & digital assets from one web service and stay on top of team activities.


Custom application development along with 120+ iPads can cost a sports team approximately $100K. With Digital Playbook®, teams benefit from a significant cost-savings. Even with customization, licensing fees for a team are a mere fraction of what it costs to build a custom application from scratch. Save money (and trees).

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Developed for sports teams in the following leagues: (USA) NFL NCAA NBA MLB NHL    (GERMANY)DFB